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From: Victor B. Williams (
Date: 08/15/03

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    I can answer your last question.

    The Cisco VPN clients work like long as you have a 3000
    series concentrator or a PIX acting as the VPN server. The provide
    the same access for Linux and Windows hosts. The Linux client isn't
    GUI like the Windows one...but all the settings are identical, and the
    operation is identical. We have both deployed and it's been the only
    solution that satifies all OS'es. There's also a MAX OS X client.

    Crispin Cowan said:
    > wrote:
    >>This is a little off topic, but something that could benifit all...
    >> Our
    >>laptop users are pushing for wireless, we'd rather not have to
    >> support every
    >>dongle thats out there. We're thinking compromize, we buy the dongle
    >> and
    >>set it up, the end user matches the WEP setting on their WAP.
    > I'm not sure what you mean by "dongle", other than "brand of WiFi
    > card"
    > perhaps?
    > In any case, WEP is useless; easy to crack.
    > What we deployed:
    > * put the WAP outside the firewall, on its own subnet where it
    > can't
    > sniff DMZ traffic
    > * no WEP
    > * casual drive-by users can access the internet, but only have
    > about
    > as much leverage on our LAN as Internet users in Bombay
    > * for access to internal LAN services, make the wireless users use
    > a
    > VPN, just like remote users do
    > This network architecture seems to surprise a lot of people, who keep
    > wishing for a level 2 security solution that will work. Conversely,
    > I've
    > always been surprised at the desire for level 2 security: I always act
    > as if the attacker is clamped to my personal ethernet port, and only
    > send encrypted traffic if it matters at all. Use level 3 crypto if it
    > matters.
    > Of course, that does raise a problem that we haven't solved: what is a
    > good VPN/IPSec solution that works for both Windows and Linux clients?
    > I
    > know, FreeSWAN, but it's flaky, and taking up a lot of our admin's
    > time
    > trying to debug it.
    > Crispin
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    > Crispin Cowan, Ph.D.
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