[fw-wiz] CP Vs SonicWall Vs PIX Vs Netscreen Vs Symantec

Date: 08/14/03

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    Date: 14 Aug 2003 04:23:18 -0000
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    We are currently evaluating several remote firewall
    devices for broadband usage:

    Checkpoint VPN1-pro
    Intrusions PDS
    Netscreen 50
    Symantec Gateway Security 5300

    I've been poking around the net for some recent
    comparisons and what not about the different platfomrs
    to no avail so I've decided to approach the user

    There will be several hundred at least and I figure
    that some folks out there may have some interesting
    thoughts or comments on the different platforms that
    may have escaped us. We are looking for the good, the
    bad and the ugly. The critical issues are:

      security issues of the individual platform

      management issues (sw, firmware, policy)

      mechanisms for managing virus sw revisions

      dual vs triple interfaces
        we'd like to separate "home" from "work"

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