RE: [fw-wiz] Cisco PIX config beautifier???

From: Strydom, Willie (
Date: 08/08/03

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    Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 08:08:29 +0200

    cisco does have a gui (yuk) but I read somewhere that the guys that make
    firewallbuilder for iptables has also written a Pix version, Firewallbuilder
    is ok, so I reacon the gui should be, just remember, a Fw1 rulset is way
    different to a PIX, as acls are per interface and not globaly, so the pix
    gui might be large and slooow. That is my experiance with cisco's anyway.

    CLI Rules, specially since 6.31 supports "| include" and "| grep". Makes
    1000's acl entries managable :-))

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    Subject: [fw-wiz] Cisco PIX config beautifier???

    Has anyone ever found a utility that will parse a PIX config and change it
    into a more easy to read format (eg. Checkpoint style)? At one time there
    was a utility for Checkpoint that would parse the objects.c and
    rulebases.fws and create an HTML file that contained the rulebase and links
    for details about the objects.

    I know a script could be written with out too much effort but I am curious
    to see if anyone else has already written something.

    Thanks for the help


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