[fw-wiz] Re: [Full-Disclosure] DCOM Exploit MS03-026 attack vectors

From: R. DuFresne (dufresne_at_sysinfo.com)
Date: 08/03/03

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    > Bluetooth phones as modems! I have been calling on this issue for some
    > time, and generally received a dismissive response from System
    > Administrators and IT management. No one wants the work load or
    > responsibility this entails. I suppose that if you don't acknowledge the
    > problem's existence, you can't be faulted for lack of due care! If they
    > keep their heads in the sand long enough, somebody is going to find out
    > what Ostrich meat tastes like...

    Which is most likely the reason that so many wireless implimentations are
    setup in such crappy out-of-the-box default installs. And put into
    production settings that way, no WEP, default ssid's, open dhcp, etc. And
    often by organizastions that *should* know better! You know, those big
    companies with the .gov/dod contracts, that fill all the gov/mil sites
    seats with consultants and such.

    The industry has a bad track record as a whole with moving new technology
    into production settings withouth the slightest consideration of how it
    might iimpact what's already been iin place and tweaked over time to
    provide some level of security. Of course you then have them danged
    .edu's, and the state of Texas and how they do things...but, that's a
    horse been beaten near to death <grin>.


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