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From: Paul A. Henry (
Date: 07/31/03

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    I look at antivirus as more of a policy issue (or lack thereof) why
    would any sane person allow every user in a company to receive emails
    with every possible kind of attachment? I like to define explicitly
    in the SMTP proxy exactly what attachments I will allow - to which
    users and /or groups.... That said those emails with attachments that
    are permitted still go through an antivirus server via CVP that is
    isolated on it's own segment prior to forwarding the email and
    respective attachment to the client behind the firewall. We handle
    FTP and HTTP downloads via proxy in a similar manner at the

    Naturally this can not replace desktop antivirus it is intended to
    complement need both

    Paul A. Henry

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    > Slightly OT here.
    > In corporate land, where does everyone have AV installed?
    > Currently, we have desktop, NT servers, and email gateway. I am
    > thinking that we need http/ftp scanning via ICAP from our proxy,
    > but Gartner[1] says http/ftp scanning is uneeded. I don't know if
    > I agree.. -OR- Are people installing malicious code detection
    > software, like
    > Also, anyone have any experiance with Garner regarding security
    > items? This AV answer, joined with their latest magic quad. for
    > firewalls and ids is just plain scary. I don't know if I even want
    > to put an ounce of faith in them anymore.
    > Thanks,
    > -jkeeton
    > [1] At my employ Gartner is god.
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