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Date: 07/24/03

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    Something to look at:

    In PIX v6.3, Cisco added the ability to filter out specific log messages
    from the syslog output. I have not yet had the time to work with it, but it
    seems to be promising.

    Syslog by access control list (ACL) entry

    Introduces powerful new reporting and troubleshooting capabilities that
    enable detailed statistics to be gathered on which ACL entries are triggered
    by network traffic attempting to traverse a Cisco PIX Security Appliance
    Gives precise control over which ACL entry-related syslog events are
    Assignable syslog levels by message

    Provides administrators tremendous flexibility and control over which syslog
    messages Cisco PIX Security Appliances generate


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    > I am looking for a document or suggestions on setting up what events to
    > on a Cisco PIX. I am not concerned about following our security policy
    > I just need a 'Best Practice" type of document to get started from.
    > Thanks for your input.
    > Doug Garrison

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