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From: Dave Piscitello (
Date: 07/17/03

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    Thanks, I received about 20 replies.

    *All* SOHO firewall/NAT _appliances_ known to folks who
    responded default to allow any outbound. I asked to confirm
    what I believe true on behalf of a friend who is designing a
    home product that may require some remote access: since
    most home users don't configure firewall inbound policy (which
    is almost always deny ALL inbound, one possibility is to have
    the product "all home", (like certain trojans and zombies and

    *Lots* of folks say this makes sense.
    I won't start a thread about this, I'm sure we've endured
    enough "security vs. ease of installation" discussions.

    If you want to take this up with me, do so offline and save
    maillist electrons.

    Some folks responded with experience from personal firewall
    software. Several of these do indeed block all outbound
    applications by default and some interact with the user
    on a per application basis to customize a policy. I'm not
    convinced every home user responds knowledgeably
    to "notarookit.exe wants to connect to the internet, is this OK?",
    but at least it's not wide open.

    At 10:14 AM 7/17/2003 +1000, Michael Still wrote:

    > > Most every home firewall/NAT appliance I've configured
    > > comes with an out-of-the-box default policy of "allow any outbound".
    > >
    > > Is this everyone's experience?
    >Pretty much. For homes, it makes a lot of sense.
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