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From: Monkman, Brian (bmonkman_at_icsalabs.com)
Date: 06/17/03

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    Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:41:35 -0400

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    A new list for the discussion of SSL-TLS issues and technology has
    been created. The purpose of the list is to provide you with a
    moderated SSL, TLS and security related list that is more like a
    journal than a public soapbox. SSL-LIST will not be cluttered with
    spam, flames or other non-list related traffic. The addresses of the
    list members will not be made available for any purpose other than
    maintaining the list. This is because we feel your participation on
    this list is your decision and should not be an invitation to
    unnecessary junk mail.

    This list is hosted by ICSA Labs, an independent division of
    TruSecure Corporation.

    To keep list volume low and signal to noise ratio high, this list
    will be moderated, approving and publishing postings on an
    approximately daily or more frequent basis.

    Commercial postings will be discouraged unless they are of high
    technical content. I.e.: it is OK to post a description of a product
    or how a product could help solve a problem. It is NOT OK to follow
    up to postings saying "buy our thing! it does that!"

    The following vendors are currently subscribed to SSL-LIST:

    Aventail Corporation
    Cisco Systems
    Motivus Software
    Netilla Networks
    NetScreen Technologies
    Nortel Networks
    Novell Networks
    Rainbow Technologies
    Secure Computing
    uRoam Corporation
    Whale Communications

    More information, and a form to submit a subscription request, can be
    found at:


    Best regards,

    Brian Monkman
    Technology Programs Manager
    ICSA Labs
    1000 Bent Creek Blvd., Suite 200
    Mechanicsburg PA 17050
    Phone:717.790.8141 Fax:717.790.8170
    E-mail: bmonkman@icsalabs.com
    AIM: bmonkman03 Web: www.icsalabs.com
    PGP Key ID: 0x7E54D5CD

    Version: PGP 7.0.1

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