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Date: 06/12/03

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    You can do this using downloadable access lists. This is a feature in Cisco
    TACACS+ servers. The access lists are held on the tacacs+ server and are
    downloaded to The access control point device when the user authenticates.

    There is a 90 day evaluation version available from cisco

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    We are currently setting up some filtering router (CISCO, IOS 12) for a
    customer. We are looking for some tool (or pack of tools, or magical
    stuff, whatever) that will enable us to dynamically add or remove ACLs
    on the router, depending on some external events.

    Our idea is the following : roaming user Alice connects to a VPN box,
    use as an entry point to our internal network. After authentication, she
    gets an IP address (say, from the box.

    We would then like to update another router's configuration (VPN zone to
    internal net) do add a few 'permit' ACLs for her temporary address, so
    that she will have access to the systems she needs to use (the list is
    hardcoded somewhere, _not_ on her laptop) and those ACLs will be removed
    as soon as she disconnect from the VPN. This way, we do not have
    permanent ACLs, when noone uses the VPN the router has _no_ permits at
    all (well, maybe a few for the Radius stuff and admin tasks -:).

    Do you have any idea/product names doing this kind of stuff ?

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