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From: Bojan Zdrnja (
Date: 06/09/03

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    To: "'John Smith'" <>, <>
    Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 14:05:42 +1200

    Although it was already mentioned, I'd suggest proftpd.

    I found that one pretty stable and it has good security vulnerabilities
    history. Latest version are getting maybe a bit too many new features, but
    it is still the best ftpd IMHO.

    If you are concerned about security for accounts on your server and people
    will need access through ftp to them (not just anonymous read-only access),
    proftpd 1.2.8 supports TLS so you can use that to protect your data.

    You can find it at:

    Best regards,

    Bojan Zdrnja

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    > All,
    > I have been tasked to build a FTP server. I have
    > selected the OS (a
    > Unix variant that I know how to strip down to bare bones). The last
    > time I built a Unix FTP server (roughly five years ago) I
    > used WU-FTPD.
    > My question is this: Is WU-FTPD still a good FTP server
    > to use? The
    > pros are I am experienced with it and it works very well in
    > installations I have done. The (potential) con is the fact
    > that there
    > hasn't been a new release of the code since 11/2001 (2.6.2).
    > I haven't
    > seen new exploits for it, so I don't know if the code is that
    > stable or
    > if it isn't being maintained anymore. The home page
    was last updated 2/18/2003.

        If WU-FTPD is not a good FTP server to use or there are better (i.e.
    - more secure) servers out there, what would you suggest? The needs for
    the site are anonymous FTP, potentially some 'real' FTP users, and up to
    500 simultaneous FTP connections. And of course the FTP server should
    be free. :-)

        Thank you.


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