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From: Dave Rinker (
Date: 06/06/03

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    I believe what your looking for is :

    isakmp nat-traversal [natkeepalive]

    This is new to 6.3 code an permits you to connect to a PIX just as you
    would with a VPN concentrator with UDP/ESP.

    Hope this helps you in the right direction,

    On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 00:33, Noonan, Wesley wrote:
    > All,
    > Having an issue with a VPN configuration for a PIX and I am missing
    > something that I can't figure out. Here is the scenario:
    > VPNCLIENT-----PIX501----INET-----PIX506
    > VPN Client is running Cisco VPN Client 4.0.1. PIX 506 is running 6.2(2). PIX
    > 501 is running 6.2(2).
    > I have configured the PIX 506 to support clients connecting. If I connect
    > without the PIX501 in between the VPNCLIENT and the PIX506, it works
    > perfect. I connect, authenticate, can browse remote resources, can browse
    > the internet, everything. As soon as I put the VPNCLIENT behind the PIX501
    > it stops being able to connect.
    > I have tried using it with "Enable Transport Tunneling" selected and using
    > both "IPSec over UDP/NAT" and "IPSec over TCP" with port 10000 in use. When
    > I set the UDP/Nat setting, I don't even see connection attempts being
    > translated in the PIX501. If I set it to TCP I can see the translations
    > created in the PIX501 but I don't see anything on the PIX506. Is there
    > something I need to run on the PIX506 to configure it to expect TCP VPN
    > connections inbound on port 10000? The PIX501 is running PAT on a single
    > external IP address.
    > I have checked Cisco's website and can't find anything that details
    > configuring a VPN through a PIX using a VPNCLIENT. I feel like I am missing
    > something (obviously) but I can't seem to put my finger on what it is. Any
    > help is appreciated. Thanks.
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