[fw-wiz] IRC security (was Re: Benefit of firewall over NAT-only ...)

From: Bennett Todd (bet_at_rahul.net)
Date: 06/04/03

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    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 15:48:39 -0400

    2003-05-29T10:43:16 Paul Robertson:
    > [ Just Say No to IRC :-]

    I just stumbled across a freshmeat announcement of SecureServ:

     About: SecureServ is an IRC trojan detector. It's much like a
     virus scanner, but aimed at IRC networks. Using several methods,
     including version checks, behavior analysis, and general pattern
     matching, it aims to detect trojans, viruses, and floodbots
     which connect to your IRC network. Its "brains" are based on a
     "Definition file" which contains information on how to detect
     trojans. To update detection for new trojans, you only have to
     download a new file.


    While I've not had occasion to use IRC yet myself, I do like to
    bookmark things like this against a rainy day.



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