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From: Brian Ford (brford_at_cisco.com)
Date: 05/31/03

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    See in line:

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    >But won't I be able to create an ACL based on ports in the IOS?
    >I can harden the systems/services if I can just restrict ports, I don't need
    >a firewall if I can do that.

    The IOS Firewall is a stateful Firewall. You'll also have standard (IPs)
    and extended ACLs (IPS and ports), and CBAC (Content Based Access Control
    which opens new ACLs based on Firewall rules). And there are other ACLs
    (named, time of day, per user, etc,...)

    >About how much are support contracts from Cisco? And if I get one does that
    >only include the firmware, or do I get to bother a low level tech on the
    >phone too?

    You get support from Cisco for up to 30 days with the purchase (hardware
    and software). SmartNet (support) contracts vary in price based on the
    turn around time for replacement equipment. They all include phone
    support. If your site can be down for a day or two waiting for a
    replacement then go for a less expensive contract. We also have
    additional software support contracts that send you new IOS code for your
    device as it becomes available. This is probably unnecessary for your home
    use application.


    Liberty for All,


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