Re: [fw-wiz] Benefit of firewall over NAT-only 'protected' network

From: Chuck Swiger (
Date: 05/29/03

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    Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 17:38:33 -0400

    Frank Knobbe <> wrote:
    > We should start treating the Internet like the (or an) environment
    > (well... which is actually is one, isn't it?). Let's reduce our amount
    > of data/traffic pollution... not for the Internet's sake, but for the
    > sake of our Internet neighbors.

    Well said.

    > Perhaps we need to start thinking in less selfish terms. When designing
    > firewall policies, we need to keep not only our own security in mind,
    > but also that our of fellow Internet users. At least, be aware that you
    > are sending data out in return for receiving data in...

    There is nothing wrong with being selfish. People should determine what they
    feel is in their own self-interest, and work towards their own goals, without
    any apologies or guilt. It's often possible to act purely out of self-interest
    yet perform actions which benefit others as well as just yourself. Given the
    choice, I prefer to be in situations where what I would do for my own selfish
    benefit is the same as or similar to what I would do for the benefit of others.

    By looking for those situations, and by looking to work with other people who
    are honest about what they want, you can at least reduce the level of bullshit
    immediately around you. Sometimes, at least on a good day, you might even find
    that the team can work together more effectively by acknowledging private and
    well as shared goals.

    The bad things we associate with "being selfish" really have more to do with
    people who aren't willing to admit acting for themselves. Some go to great
    lengths to conceal the benefits they receive from actions supposedly taken on
    the behalf of others or for "the public good". Fortunately, it tends to be easy
    to recognize people who make a habit of this form of deception, once you know to
    look for it.

    The next time you find yourself with a bit of skepticism about a situation, go
    up to one of the players and flat out ask 'em what it is that they hope to gain
    for themselves. If they aren't willing to look you in the eyes and answer-- if
    they stutter and stall, if they evade the question or pretend that what you
    asked doesn't make sense-- watch out.

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