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From: Rama Kant (
Date: 05/05/03

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    Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 17:57:00 -0400

    Last year we had put together the attached white paper (no marketing) on
    this topic that I can no longer resist to post. It is general enough to
    adapt to a given security policy.

    Rama Kant

    At 06:25 PM 5/5/2003 +0530, Ravi wrote:
    >Hi vineet,
    >As RKP rightly suggested you test for common ALG support like MSN gaming
    >ZOne,HTTPS etc.,
    >Do vulnerability scanning for the firewall.Search in the internet for
    >utilities like nessus etc.,
    >Rama krishna prasad wrote:
    >>Hi Vineet,
    >>Other things which you may would like to consider are:
    >> 1. Common attack detection and prevention.
    >> 2. ALG Support (There are some applications that don't work
    >> without ALG support such as H.323, FTP, RTSP, SQL*NET,
    >> based on your requirement DNS for twice NAT)
    >> 3. Performance.
    >> 4. Flexible user interface. 5. Type of NAT support.
    >> Analyze your security requirements and make sure that firewall
    >> satisfies your needs. "
    >>Vineet Mehta wrote:
    >>>Recently I was asked to evaluate Securepoint 3.0 firewall. On what basis
    >>>one should evaluate this firewall? Some of the points i can think of
    >>>1) Reports details/format
    >>>2) Managebility
    >>>3) Stability
    >>>4) Modules/Features
    >>>Any more points or detailed things I should consider in evaluating this
    >>>firewall? Any suggestion is welcome.
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