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Date: 05/01/03

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            Are you saying that your Web server on the Linux box works fine, with no changes to the PIX, where the Windows IIS server doesn't (using the same IP)? Is the IIS server configured to use an IP address other than "All Assigned" (in the Web site properties)? Just a guess, but you may have some other IP address configured there (if I read this right)...


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    I have a PIX connected to a switch on internal network and therein resides
    my Microsoft IIS box. I can access ftp, ping etc from outside through
    conduit and/or access lists but I cannot access http port from outside ?
    Tried all clears - conduit, xlate, arp etc without any effect. Finally
    thought that its nothing to do with the poor PIX and worked on the web
    server. Replaced the IIS box with Linux and lo! it works fine.. I mean all
    access lists and/or conduits for http, ftp, ping work fine. Now why doesn't
    the same work with Microsoft IIS? The same Microsoft IIS works great with
    all ports accessible on the internal network but inbound access for http
    port from across the firewall through the outside interface is not working.
    Any thoughts as to what's the issue? Is there a bug here?

    Will virtual + aaa combo help here ?

    BTW: PIX version 6.1(4) and IIS version 5.0+

    Thanks in advance,

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