Re: [fw-wiz] Managed Firewall Service - Opinions

From: Mike Hoskins (
Date: 04/18/03

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    From: Mike Hoskins <>
    Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:36:15 -0700 (PDT)

    From: "R. DuFresne" <>
    To: Duncan Sharp <>
    Subject: Re: [fw-wiz] Managed Firewall Service - Opinions
    > Most MSSP's will put into place the rules that your site asks for.
    > This seems to mitigate the issue of whom is at fault for a breach based
    > upon configuration. Now they <the MSSP> are 'supposed' to be the
    > professionals, but, how many will actually caution the client when they
    > want to make the rulebae turn their firewall into a router, or simply
    > impliment a rule or two that are not considered 'safe' or secure?

    That raises an interesting question. As 'professionals', one would assume
    some code of professional ethics. I know, for example, that as a CISSP
    there are certain guidelines you are supposed to follow. Perhaps the good
    MSSP's (likely the ones that hire the good 'professionals') are the ones
    that do caution the client. Afterall, if an MSSP is simply going to do
    what the customer says with no questions asked or any attempt to
    understand the client's requirements and implement the best possible
    solution... Then why pay an MSSP? Sure they'll manage the equipment and
    sift through logs for you, but the 'value-add' is greatly reduced IMCO.


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