Re: [fw-wiz] tunnel vs open a hole

From: Dave Piscitello (
Date: 04/10/03

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    From: Dave Piscitello <>
    Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:33:34 -0400

    I wrote something about this for BCR (twice) (with Steve Kent)

    We need software equivalents of
    service level agreements, not EULAs.

    What I can't fathom is why a company that purchases on the order of10,000
    licenses and 2200 server licenses *ever* accepts a EULA - we are talking
    $M's here
    in the shrinked wrapped S/W, and arguably double that amount for S/W
    yet EULA is accepted practice, whereas the same company pays $10,000/month for
    telco/ISP access haggle SLAs to death.

    At 09:13 PM 4/9/2003 -0400, George Capehart wrote:
    > If the customers complained/sued, maybe it would get someone's attention
    > . . . ;-)

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