Re: [fw-wiz] stop microsoft p2p

From: Michael LaPane (
Date: 03/28/03

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    To: "Robert E. Martin" <>
    From: Michael LaPane <>
    Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:55:25 -0500

    Make sure you are careful with the flexresp option in snort if you go
    that route - some of the kids are gonna get smart and fool your snort
    sensor into killing connections to your router or mail server, etc. :-)

    Automatic response with an IDS requires careful planning ;-)

    But, it's probably your only option unless you come down with an iron
    fist and have them boot their desktops from a server image... and you
    control all of the software. Of course, things like Knoppix will help
    them get past that too. Hmm, thin client computing...

    Anyway, there's a tool called ettercap that does arp poisoning (like
    dsniff) - you could try that - but that can be quite tedious.


    On Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 08:42 AM, Robert E. Martin wrote:

    > Anyone heard of a device or gizmo that replaces a hub or switch that
    > can stop p2p or microsoft file sharing? scenario: two computers on the
    > same segment connected via a hub or switch sharing files between
    > themselves. Does not have to be music, could be data files, photos,
    > copywritten data etc.. Can that be stopped?
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