[fw-wiz] ipsec nat traversal-conclude

From: SimonChan@lifeisgreat.com.sg
Date: 03/03/03

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    From: SimonChan@lifeisgreat.com.sg
    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 21:23:57 +0800

    Hi all,

    having gone over various source. I've come to this conclusion for the
    following scenario :

              IPsec Client------ FW Nat (nat) ---- FW/VPN Nat(nat) ------Lan

    (the 2nd Fw/VPN has a public Ip which is static natted by the 1st FW)

    The IPSec Client can only connect to the terminating VPN gateway behind
    the 1st FW
    on the following conditions

    * the IPsec is using ESP transport (does not encrypt the IP header, only
    the payload)
         (ESP tunnel will encrypt the IP header, AH will perform Hash on the IP
    header causing NAT to fail)

    Some queries still bugging me.

    * I have suggestion to open IP protocol 50-ESP and 51-AH and UDP 500-Ike
    Is this sufficient ??

    *Some VPN client e.g. secuRemote can encapsulate
    IPSec packets in another layer of UDP so any NAT along the path
    doesn't try to alter the IP header.

    Is the above 2 methods an alternative to IPSec Nat transversal ?





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