[fw-wiz] ipsec nat transversal

From: SimonChan@lifeisgreat.com.sg
Date: 02/19/03

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    From: SimonChan@lifeisgreat.com.sg
    Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:27:08 +0800

    Hi fellow wizards,

    I have this situaton here :

    I have an existing Firewall / VPN gateway and we have remote users vpn
    client connecting to it.

    We are in the process of putting an additional firewall in front of the
    existing firewall.
    If both Firewalls are running NAT, can the remote vpn client connect to the
    2nd Firewall.

    I understand that the term "ipsec Nat transversal" function is required on
    the 1st firewall
    in order to allow IPSec traffic to pass through.

    Is that Correct ?





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