RE: [fw-wiz] Checkpoint Securemote

From: Steve Evans (
Date: 01/30/03

From: "Steve Evans" <>
To: <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 17:39:01 2003

Yeah we talked to them several times. The SecureDomainLogon just doesn't fix the problem. Have you (or anyone for that matter) done this before and had it work?

Steve Evans
SDSU Foundation
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Have you contacted Check Point in this case?
The SecuRemote/SecureClient has a feature called SecureDomainLogon which is supposed to be used in this case.

We have a problem with the Checkpoint VPN client. The VPN doesn't kick
in until after the logon process, which makes it difficult in some
situations to log on to a Windows 2000 domain over the VPN. Does anyone
have a fix for that? We've worked with Checkpoint on it without any
progress. We're using the NG version now but we had the same problem on
version 4.x

Steve Evans
SDSU Foundation
(619) 594-0653