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Date: 01/29/03

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Date: Wed Jan 29 11:09:16 2003

Actually a good attorney could tear up any log system even with perfect time
stamps. All that need would need to be proved was the fact that it could
have been faked.


Dave Kleiman


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Yes. Logging. I would suspect that any decent lawyer could tear apart logs
that had inconsistent time hashes in court.

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> Folks - I'm having a discussion with a few people and we have a
> question that we are interested in getting comments from the list on.
> Are there any situations where a firewall's acqusition of time
> could/should be from a network time source? Not necessarily a public
> source, it could be an "internal" time source.
> If there are situations where this makes sense, should these same
> firewalls have battery backed up clocks on board or would that be
> unnecessary?
> Brian
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