RE: [fw-wiz] Blocking email through the web services

From: Nieveler, Juergen (
Date: 01/22/03

From: "Nieveler, Juergen" <>
To: 'Martin Peikert' <>,
Date: Wed Jan 22 17:37:19 2003

> > Is there a common port I can block that will prevent users from
> > downloading email from webmail services such as aol,
> hotmail or msn, used
> > by all - without blocking www service in general?
> Try port 110 (pop3), 995 (pop3-ssl) and maybe 220 (imap3) and 993
> (imap3-ssl), too.

That won't help - he's talking about Web-based services, and those go
through port 80/443.

The only chance is to block file downloads on the proxy-server - and even
that won't work if the Webmail service offers SSL.

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