Re: [fw-wiz] Packateer

From: m p (
Date: 01/22/03

From: m p <>
To: Tim Chettle <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 08:44:30 2003

Hi Tim,

 --- Tim Chettle <> schrieb:
> Im due to deploy a Packateer on one of my customers connections to control
> their internet connection as it is heavily used.
> I was curious to see if anyone had any real worls experience or gotchas they
> had come across

For what reason do you deploy the "Packeteer"? Which product of the company are
you using? Are you doing it to look into the traffic for a usage analysis or
are you doing it for QoS? How fast is their internet connection? How many users
with what kind of traffic are _expected_ to use the internet?
How do you want to "control their internet connection"? What for?

Maybe it is cheaper to install a proxy (if it is not there) or simply a bigger

I never heard since now anything about that company. But for traffic analysis
an tcpdump, Ethereal and some knowledge about what _should_ go over the link in
conjunction with perl and gnuplot should do it.

As for QoS the most routers today can do it on service level. If that is not
enough a Packeteer PacketShaper or similiar products from other vendors may
suite you (I have not looked into the product specs).

Hope that helps



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