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Date: 01/06/03

From: "Talisker" <>
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Date: Mon Jan  6 17:45:17 2003

I wouldn't like to comment on the pros and cons of the products you have
selected and how well they fair against each other, except to say that there
are many other products out there, both Firewalls and Network IDS, whilst
they may not be market leaders they could still be worth considering .....
there are many on the list braver than I that will discuss the pros and cons
of your selection. However, with regard to managing input from equipments
of different vendors I could suggest a few 3rd party products that correlate
such information. The one that springs to mind for Cisco, RealSecure and
Checkpoint is NSM by Intellitactics there is a list of it's supported
clients at
there are a few similar consoles on my website at though the list is a little
out of date but due to be updated ASAP (I always say that). With the 3rd
party consoles it's worth looking at how securely they pass the information
and how well they correlate disparate information.

With regard to your choice of Network IDS make sure you try before you buy
ensuring the products are scalable on your network and that the false
positive rate is manageable.

good luck in your quest, and as always if you discover any 3rd party
consoles that I don't have on my list please let me know.

take care

Taliskers Network Security Tools
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Does anyone have any opinions on CheckPoint versus PIX and which
intrusion detection system (Cisco IDS or RealSecure on a Nokia box)
would work better with either? Can the Cisco IDS even integrate with
CheckPoint? Thanks for your help.

Paul Bauer

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