RE: [fw-wiz] cisco pix does not log traffic targetted to itself?

From: Noonan, Wesley (
Date: 01/06/03

From: "Noonan, Wesley" <>
To: "'Toh Kar Lai Catherine'" <>, "''" <>
Date: Mon Jan  6 11:25:02 2003

Not sure about your first question, as with my PIX when I scan it I get
stuff in the logs (are you sure you are logging at the proper level)?

As for the latter though, yes it deny's all by default (no need to insert
the rule).


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> Subject: [fw-wiz] cisco pix does not log traffic targetted to itself?
> My cisco pix firewall is logging denied traffic normally. However when I
> tried using a scanner to scan the cisco pix firewall itself, a few open
> ports were discovered but no traffic of the scan was captured in the log.
> In
> other words, the firewall didn't log my scan activity. What can I do to to
> ensure that any activity targetted to my firewall is logged?
> Also is it true that the cisco pix firewall deny all traffics that is not
> permitted in the rule-base BY DEFAULT? Is there a need to insert a last
> rule
> that deny any to any?
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