[fw-wiz] Re: Anybody Recognize These Uploads?

From: Mike Hoskins (mike@adept.org)
Date: 01/03/03

From: Mike Hoskins <mike@adept.org>
To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
Date: Fri Jan  3 13:50:01 2003

On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Noonan, Wesley wrote:
>> Their admins should be more responsible. I know of a lot of places
>> that have taken to filtering out most of Europe and permitting only
>> what they require.
> And in return there are enough places who filter most of america and
> asia, so what's your point?

I think the clear point is that lazy admins (engineers, managers, etc.)
have caused the current, broken Internet.

Innocent email that gets caught by the RBL of the month, packets that get
blackholed because the last user started a SYN flood (and the current user
has no clue, nor dos the ISP/NSP's operations dept), etc., etc. Goodby
"open" Internet. Ahh, but what did we expect... As the number of people
on the Internet approaches the number of people in the real world, the
"open" and "idealistic" Internet (TCP/IP is idealistic) must become like
the real world and suck more every day.

It's easier to block a country, class A/B/C, etc. than it is to monitor,
inspect, track and resolve potential issues. Doing things simply because
they're easy, however, rarely leads to the desired result.

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