[fw-wiz] finding security threats

From: Kilaru Sambaiah (sambaiah@antaares.com)
Date: 12/30/02

From: Kilaru Sambaiah <sambaiah@antaares.com>
To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
Date: Mon Dec 30 08:00:02 2002

 Dear All,
    I am intrested in finding solution to one of the problem
 I am thiking for some time. I don't know any name is involved
 for this.

 All the firewalls and other tools are designed for securing
 systems from any threat. Is there any way to find that my local
 systems are breaking systems some where. More genarically how
 does ISP's will actively look their customers are not hackers
 but legimate users and also how does viruses are not generated
 from their customer IP's.

 If there is any discussion already on this subject sorry for
 my newbie question to the list.