[fw-wiz] fp3 upgrade for nokia

From: simon (simon.chan@netguard.bz)
Date: 12/26/02

From: "simon" <simon.chan@netguard.bz>
To: <firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com>
Date: Thu Dec 26 07:17:01 2002


i'm attemtping to upgrade an existing nokia ip330 running on ipso 3.4
Checkpoing NG fp1 to FP3.

The reason for the upgrade is that smartdefence requires Fp3
FP3 in turn requires ipso 3.6

I've listed down the procedure and would appreciate if someone could go
through if there's anything amiss.

1. Download the the checkpoint package :

* cpshared_ng_fp3_53267_2_nokia.tgz ( SVN Foundation)
* fw1_ng_fp3_53225_5_nokia.tgz ( vpn/fw-1 download )

2. Upgrade ipso image using newimage

3. Upgrade checkpoint package to FP3

* Turn off SVN/CheckPoint pkg
* Reboot
* do a newpkg for
   SVN -> cpshared_ng_fp3_53267_2_nokia.tgz
   Checkpoint -> fw1_ng_fp3_53225_5_nokia.tgz

Any comments ?


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Security Consultant
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