Re: [fw-wiz] "802.1x"?

From: R. DuFresne (
Date: 12/19/02

From: "R. DuFresne" <>
To: Gary Flynn <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 20:39:02 2002

And though it maybe redundant, this popped up today, informative read:

Full paper available at

   Is IEEE 802.1X Ready for General Deployment?
   Scott Baily
   April 7, 2002

   Wireless LANs have been recognized as insecure for some time,
   especially for their lack of data confidentiality and access control.
   This paper examines the suitability of deploying IEEE 802.1X as the
   principal authentication mechanism for Colorado State Universitys
   wireless network. After careful consideration of wireless security
   issues and how 802.1X addresses those issues, it was decided that CSU
   should not incorporate 802.1X into its wireless network at this time.



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