Re: [fw-wiz] Stats on how common NAT is?

From: Daniel Linder (
Date: 12/16/02

From: Daniel Linder <>
To: Michael Still <>, fw-wiz <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 17:40:03 2002

--- Michael Still <> wrote:
> I work as a software developer, and there has been some discussion at
> work
> as to how common NAT is in corporate environments (this affects
> whether we
> use DCOM or not).

If the one end of your DCOM connection is to be hosted at an ISP, there
is a good chance that the ISP has additional charges for a "live"
address (non-NAT). If the ISP is handing out non-RFC1918 addresses to
everyone who comes in, they will have a much harder time getting
additional address space from ARIN when they need to expand.


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