[fw-wiz] "802.1x"?

From: Mikael Olsson (mikael.olsson@clavister.com)
Date: 12/14/02

From: Mikael Olsson <mikael.olsson@clavister.com>
To: fw-wiz <firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com>
Date: Sat Dec 14 08:27:16 2002


Could someone clueful please take a minute or two and give us all the
"techecutive summary" of 802.1x? I've been trying to piece together
what exactly it's supposed to be doing, but everything I've come
across so far has been so buzzword-laden, it's been impossible to
glean real clue from.

All I've understood is that it uses PPP EAP for authentication
(by, for instance, talking to a radius server)
- Which box is the "EAP server"? I would assume that it's the
  endpoing ("base station"), but docs seem to suggest that
  it just gets passed through to some sever in the background?
- Then there's something about key exchange.... (?)
- Is there a built-in crypto layer, or is that supposed to be
  done by something else?
- Does it rely on known-good crypto, or are they inventing
  own algorithms again?
- Is it any good? :)

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