Re: [fw-wiz] Firewalls and 802.1q trunking

Date: 11/27/02

To: David Pick <>
Date: Wed Nov 27 13:55:19 2002

And they are not.

There is another good point: generic secure network design common sense
requires that there should NOT be any hardware connection point between
networks except the firewall. Even a switch, a machine with packet forwarding
turned off, NOTHING, even a network printer with two interface cards if one
ever exists.

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 08:00:14AM +0000, David Pick wrote:
> > My concern is that the "fan-out" boxes are typically run-of-the-mill
> > switches, like Cisco Catalysts, that probably have been design without
> > any security aspirations. I wouldn't be surprised if those switches
> > could be attacked and tricked into leaking packets between VLANs.
> A valid concern. My attitude is simple:
> * If the switches are secure enough to keep VLANs seperated for
> normal traffic then they're secure enough to use as interfaces
> to your firewall
> * If they're not, well, they're not!

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