[fw-wiz] 802.11 Wireless ISP/WLAN

From: Scott Mraz (SMraz@co.riverside.ca.us)
Date: 11/19/02

From: "Scott Mraz" <SMraz@co.riverside.ca.us>
To: <firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com>
Date: Tue Nov 19 13:06:00 2002

Hello All,
Allow me to introduce myself, I'm rather new to the list, I recently signed up and have been following the list for a few weeks now.
After reading some responses to the "Interlopers on the WLAN" discussion, I decided I should pose a question to the group of a somewhat related topic. Me a few associates of mine are contemplating starting a Wireless ISP & WLAN Co-Op in our local community. We've done a lot of research on 802.11 and how to implement it in a WMAN. We've got some problems though. We need to segment each user via MAC addresses. Naturally we thought of VLAN's however we could not come up with a cheap solution to implementing VLAN's at layer 2. So to my question, does anyone know of a cheap solution to VLAN's of an 802.11 network?
Thanks for your time, and any input you may be able to provide.
-Scott R. Mraz
Systems Admin
County of Riverside, IT