[fw-wiz] Re: Proxy and Stateful together ??

From: Jean Caron (caronj@norac.net)
Date: 11/16/02

From: "Jean Caron" <caronj@norac.net>
To: "Paul D. Robertson" <proberts@patriot.net>
Date: Sat Nov 16 18:48:01 2002

Paul, and all you wizards,

In regards to the paragraph at the bottom, I did in fact get many replies,
most off-list. Here to summarize what I got, as asked;

Suprisingly, it was not much of a flood. Aside from the obvious open source
solutions, which I too like best, but eh... and since this must be a
*commercial* / *supported* firewall (sorry, requirement not clearly defined
my original post), Cyberguard seems to be the number one choice. Watchguard
firebox also appeared a few times. FW-1 too. And, ah yeah, Microsoft ISA was
suggested too. uh...no thanks, I don't own a mouse. <wink><wink>

For the record, it's understood that I personally haven't tested or even
looked at the above mentioned firewalls for functionality yet, but I will,
soon. So for now, they are listed in no other specific order, well ok, in
the "most replied for" order... there.



Paul D. Robertson writes:

> On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Bennett Todd wrote:
> [Moderator's note: There have been lots of product recommendations, I
> hope the original questioner will summarize them all for the list early
> next week, so we don't have a flood of "I like $product" messages.
> Vendors are encouraged to e-mail the original questioner directly should
> they feel the requirements are met with their respective products.]