RE: [fw-wiz] Mainframes on the Net?

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Date: 11/13/02

From: "Noonan, Wesley" <>
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Date: Wed Nov 13 12:03:17 2002

I don't get it either. As for the fight, I lost it. In my case though it was
"people want to run network management software on mainframes, you just
don't get the big picture". No, apparently I don't.

Oh, and from my perspective if the S/390 is running Linux, Websphere or
Apache (or windows, or whatever else you want to run on it) then it most
certainly has been hacked. Reminds me of a saying my biker uncles had.
"There are two kinds of riders, those who have hit the ground and those who
will". Same thing goes for hacks. There are those systems which have been
hacked and those that will be hacked.

Enjoy the battle :-)

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> OK...maybe a little of topic but this is the group that would know :)
> There is quite a push from our IBM friends to use the S/390 box for a
> web server using Websphere or Apache running under Linux (either as a
> VM or in it's own LPAR).
> Needless to say, I considered this to be a joke....putting the crown
> jewels on the net? Where's the multi-tiered architecture? Where's the
> "defense in depth?" Sure the S/390 has "never been hacked" (their
> words) but who has ever put it in a position to be hacked?
> They tell me that I don't understand LPARs. They're separate machines.
> You can still do your multi-tiered. It's just all on the same box. My
> fear, they are separate because of software, written by humans. If that
> is breeched, it's game, set and match.
> If they were separate boxes, they would have to communicate via some
> interface that I can monitor. This isn't true all on one box.
> Anyone have any experience with this fight? Am I out of line?
> Don
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