Re: [fw-wiz] Firewall Primitives

From: Chris Calabrese (
Date: 11/05/02

From: Chris Calabrese <>
To: Crispin Cowan <>
Date: Tue Nov  5 16:33:17 2002

Hey Crispin,

I know you were at least half kidding from your :-), but I had to rebut

Certainly there are examples of firewalls that are little more than a
multi-layer, multi-protocol switch with some basic access control
rules. And lots of special purpose firewalls or "lite" firewalls for
SOHO use still look like this (my home firewall looks like this, plus
some support for NATing IPsec and a bult-in wireless access point, but
it does exactly what I needed it to and only cost about $200 - and
don't bother flaming about the wireless bit either).

On the other hand, trying to market something like that today probably
wouldn't fly in the enterprise firewall market. There the definition of
"firewall" has already expanded to cover stateful rules for handling
tortured protocols like RealAudio, VPN support, rudimentary intrusion
alerting, and hooks for web content filters, spam filters, virus
filters, etc.

I expect that the future of enterprise firewalls holds more advanced
intrusion detection/prevention capabilities (Sidewinder, Netscreen, and
the CrunchBox are leaders here), more integrated web content filters,
spam filters, and malware filters (Symantec comes to mind on this one),
and maybe even some basic honeypot capabilities for evidence gathering
(something Marcus and I discussed a couple of weeks ago at SANS Network

So... Yes, some firewalls are simplistic. And yes, some marketing guys
try to cover things up.

But no, that doesn't mean that all firewalls are simplistic, that all
marketing people try to cover things up, or that people would buy such
a thing today.

And yes, I'm avoiding the urge to end with a witicism about one or more
of these truisms...

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