[fw-wiz] Ipchains Questions!

From: Δημήτρης Δεμίρης (ddemiris@microstore.gr)
Date: 11/01/02

From: "Δημήτρης Δεμίρης" <ddemiris@microstore.gr>
To: <firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com>
Date: Fri Nov  1 08:31:29 2002


Here is the problem:

I have a linux server that acts as a router for a network. It has two
ethernet cards installed and a permanent connection on one card.
I want to be able to "cut" the internet access on a group of workstations
e.g. to but to have lan access...the firewall is
working with ipchains now just fine..

I'm sending you my example /etc/rc.d/init.d/firewall script...

/sbin/depmod -a
/sbin/modprobe ip_masq_ftp
echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
ipchains -M -S 7200 10 60
ipchains -F input
ipchains -P input REJECT
ipchains -F output
ipchains -P output REJECT
ipchains -F forward
ipchains -P forward DENY
# Setup input policy
# local interface, local machines, going anywhere is valid
ipchains -A input -i $intif -s $intnet -d -j ACCEPT
# reject IP spoofing where external computer claims to be a local
ipchains -A input -i $extif -s $intnet -d -l -j REJECT
# allow external access via external interface
ipchains -A input -i $extif -s -d $extip/32 -j ACCEPT
# loopback interface is valid
ipchains -A input -i lo -s -d -j ACCEPT
# Setup output policy
# all outgoing traffic is allowed
ipchains -A output -i $intif -s -d $intnet -j ACCEPT
# prevent traffic for local network from using external interface
ipchains -A output -i $extif -s -d $intnet -l -j REJECT
# prevent traffic from local network from using external interface
ipchains -A output -i $extif -s $intnet -d -l -j REJECT
# anything else can go out
ipchains -A output -i $extif -s $extip/32 -d -j ACCEPT
# loopback interface is valid
ipchains -A output -i lo -s -d -j ACCEPT
# Setup forwarding policy
# Masquerade local net traffic to anywhere
ipchains -A forward -i $extif -s $intnet -d -j MASQ

Thank you in advance..

Dimitris P. Demiris -- System Administrator, Microstore SA
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