[fw-wiz] resolved: PIX 520 Convert Conduit to Access-list]

From: Rok Pintar (rokp@news.reproms.si)
Date: 10/28/02

To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
From: Rok Pintar <rokp@news.reproms.si>
Date: Mon Oct 28 08:03:55 2002

>Follow-up to thank everyone here for such quick responses. I did apply the
>list to the outside interface as required. Only after doing the complete
>conversion removing all conduits. Went in smooth as silk!!

If I remember correctly you had both ftp and ftp-data lines in your
access-list. Well, since you probably have fixup protocol ftp 21 command
in your config, I believe you don't need ftp-data in your ACL.