Re: [fw-wiz] Proverbial appliance vs software based firewall

From: Gary Flynn (
Date: 10/16/02

From: Gary Flynn <>
Date: Wed Oct 16 16:59:35 2002

"Philip J. Koenig" wrote:
> Now Checkpoint has commissioned a test that purports to show
> their product performs better than "dedicated hardware" from
> Cisco and Netscreen. I would like to have people's opinion
> on this test, in part because my observation of Tolly Group
> test reports is that they're one of these "guns for hire"
> that never writes a bad review for someone who pays them for
> one.


It wouldn't cause me so much heartburn if the title and intro
specified they were only measuring raw VPN throughput.

While the title of the report says:

"Competitive Evaluation of Enterprise-Class Internet Security

the evaluation is pretty limited:

"Engineers configured the DUT as a single-rule, allow-all

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