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From: Gibson, Brian (
Date: 10/09/02

From: "Gibson, Brian" <>
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Date: Wed Oct  9 19:44:18 2002

I can tell you of cases where users with tunnels to their office that were
running Webservers back in the CodeRed days were wreaking HAVOC on their
corporate networks. My old company spent weeks trying to identify the
source of the problem.

It really is a pretty trivial avenue to exploit. If you are Joe Social
Engineer and you want to break into Widgets Inc. that would probably be the
first avenue of attack you would look to do.

Virtually no logging of intrusions. Oblivious user. Often full reign of
the corporate treasures. In many corporate worlds VPN users are treated as
fully trusted hosts. You could go MONTHS without detection.

The question isn't whether a Joe Cracker has broken in this way. The
question is why WOULDN'T they use this method?

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Subject: [fw-wiz] Tunnel intruder

There's a lot of FUD being touted by firewall vendors about the possibility
of a home computer being hacked, then the attacker using that computer's
VPN connection to the office to break into the company network.

I can see this as a possibility and realize that we could easily get into
an extended discussion of the probability/impossibility/inevitability of it
occurring. I personally want to avoid speculation.

Does anybody know of an actual incident where this attack was used,
successfully or not?


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