[fw-wiz] Netscreen email logging

From: Philip J. Koenig (pjklist@ekahuna.com)
Date: 09/27/02

From: "Philip J. Koenig" <pjklist@ekahuna.com>
To: firewall-wizards@nfr.com
Date: Fri Sep 27 08:08:01 2002

I have tried to get email alerts and logs working with 2 different
Netscreen boxes (5XP Elite and 25) with no success. Everything else
pretty much works as expected except this. I have asked Netscreen
support about it more than once and get the equivalent of a shrug
from them.

Is there some secret to this I'm missing? Here are the relevant
entries from the configuration file:

set admin mail alert
set admin mail traffic-log
set admin mail server-name <hostname or IP>
set admin mail mail-addr1 <email address>

I've finally gotten used to their idiosyncracy of needing a manual
route entry for any network that receives or sends to the firewall
itself, so this isn't the problem.

Ideas greatly appreciated!


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