[fw-wiz] Personal/Host-based Firewalls

From: Ames, Neil (NAmes@anteon.com)
Date: 09/25/02

From: "Ames, Neil" <NAmes@anteon.com>
To: "Firewall-Wizards (E-mail)" <firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com>
Date: Wed Sep 25 20:58:01 2002

        I have begun investigating personal/host-based firewalls for Windows
2K *Server*, with the hope of finding a solid, reliable, fast product that I
can easily manage in an environment of distributed remote offices (in which
I have limited access to the systems, or administration through someone
else's eyes and ears). I have had very weak success with ZoneAlarm--finding
it the first thing removed when remote techs try solve problems or otherwise
improve their lives. My first step was to compile a list of products, some
of which I am fairly certain have gone away, and some of which may not be
cost-effective. Any notes on any of the following would be appreciated. I
will publish results to the list if I get anything good input. (Write to me
directly with *any* tid-bit of intel that I can aggregate into a picture of
the personal firewall world. Paul might prefer that you don't flood the
list and him with a flurry--though I'd love to see it get lively.) Here is
my list:

AtGuard WRQ
BlackICE Network ICE (ISS?)
Conseal PC Firewall (Signal9)
Deerfield Personal Firewall
eSafe (Aladdin)
EZ Firewall (CA? eTrust?)
GNAT Box Light (Global Technology Associates)
Hack Tracer (Sharp Technology)
Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (Microsoft) [Personal
Jammer (Agnitum)
Kerio Personal Firewall (formerly Tiny Personal Firewall)
LockDown 2000 (?)
Look 'n Stop
Neowatch (Neoworx)
NetWatcher 2000 (Moonlight Software)
Norman Personal Firewall
Norton Internet Security (Symantec)
NukeNabber (DSI)
PGP Desktop Security (Network Associates ?)
Personal Firewall (McAfee)
Secure4U Sandbox Security (?)
Outpost (Agnitum.com)
Port Detective (Tzolkin)
Private Firewall (privacyware.com)
Secure Desktop (Sybergen Networks)
Sphinx (Biodata)
Surfin Shield (Finjan Software)
Sygate Personal Firewall Pro
Terminet (DANU Enterprises)
Win Route Pro 4.0 (Tiny Software)
ZoneAlarm (Zone Labs)

Thank you,


Neil F. "Fritz" Ames
Sr. Computer Systems Analyst
Anteon Corporation
3211 Jermantown Rd.
JLWI / Room 541
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel (703) 246-0634

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