[fw-wiz] Ipchains blocking Sendmail

From: csobre (csobre@bol.com.br)
Date: 09/17/02

From: "csobre" <csobre@bol.com.br>
To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
Date: Tue Sep 17 13:54:01 2002


I have a linux machine connected to
the internet and to an internal network.
I am running Sendmail and Ipchains.
I have the following rules for
Ipchains on port 25:

   # SMTP server (25)
   # ----------------
   ipchains -A input -i
            --source-port $UNPRIVPORTS \
            -d $IPADDR 25 -j ACCEPT

   ipchains -A input -i
            --source-port $UNPRIVPORTS \
            -d $LOCAL_IPADDR 25 -j ACCEPT

   ipchains -A output -i
            -s $IPADDR 25 \

   ipchains -A output -i
            -s $LOCAL_IPADDR 25 \

The only other ports I also ACCEPT are
53 and 113.

I can send and receive mail inside my
network, but can´t receive or send
E-mail to the internet.
After examining the Messages log there
are many lines with (Connection
refused by server) when sendmail tries
to connect to smtp servers on the

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

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