Re: [fw-wiz] Exposed serial connection

From: Jonas Anden (
Date: 09/16/02

From: Jonas Anden <>
To: John Adams <>
Date: Mon Sep 16 14:51:15 2002

>> - Encrypting the IP connection (Preferably SSL)
>> - Provide for authentication (Preferably outside the protocol sphere,
>> like SSL client certificates).
>> - Convert the data received on the IP end and send it out on the serial
>> line, and vice versa.
> It's simply not worth spending money on proprietary hardware to solve this
> problem.

There is actually a reason for using proprietary hardware for this. The
device should be installed on several locations together with a property
management system which communicates through RS-232. The system should
be totally set-and-forget; no installation and more or less totally
stateless; no disk that can break down, no fan that can stop, no moving
parts whatsoever. No knowledge of computers should be necessary, and it
should not require any maintenance.

And preferably cheap ;-)

  // J