Re: [fw-wiz] quad ethernet cards

From: John McDermott (
Date: 09/13/02

From: "John McDermott" <>
To: "Joseph S D Yao" <>
Date: Fri Sep 13 17:10:01 2002

Joseph S D Yao wrote:

> You might also ask your local Linux users' group, or go to the Linux
> Ethernet driver page at
> <URL:>.

Unfortunately, there is no local Linux users' group. I live in a small
mountain community. The scyld page was useful, but did not provide any
info on firewall use, that's why I chose this list.

> Not all of the people using firewalls are using Linux. ;-)

Of course not, some use BSD ;-). Further, not all Linux users buidld
firewalls out of it... Actually, the responses here have been helpful.
  I needed the input of firewall experts and this is the best community
of them I know...


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