[fw-wiz] List stuff (administrivia)

From: Paul Robertson (proberts@patriot.net)
Date: 09/11/02

From: Paul Robertson <proberts@patriot.net>
To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
Date: Wed Sep 11 17:38:01 2002


Looks like the volume is picking up here, so I want to make sure that
folks know they can set their subscription to "Digest" to one big
message rather than each message as it's sent. Digest is set for 30k per
digest message, if that's making too many digests a day, please provide
feedback off-list and I'll try to adjust it accordingly if there's enough
interest in changing it.

You can change subscription options by going to:


Type your subscription address in the very last box and hit "Edit
Options." (You can get your list password if you don't have it after that
screen as well[1].)

I'm still getting *lots* of content filtering bounces. I haven't approved
anything that would get anyone in trouble, but some things like URLs to
tools and discussions of content filtering are getting filtering. If
you're behind a filter, you may way to ask that firewall-wizards posts not
get filtered, barring that, please have them not respond to list messages
(I really don't need the extra e-mail.)

If, for instance you didn't get a message on the 3rd that was titled "[fw-wiz]
SUMMARY: Wireless Security Tools (fwd)":


It's probably because one of the useful URLs contains a word that a few
dozen content filters didn't like. I haven't had the time to respond to
all the content filter blocks as I have in the past, so if you're blocking
legitimate traffic, this may be your only warning[2].

Firewall-wizards is five years old this month, and activity seems to be
picking up. The entire list is archived (sorry, no search engine yet)
but the "get everything" link only gets things since the list was
moved- all the individual postings are there in each archive though[3].

Finally, I'd like to thank the posters who've changed their posts to
include more detailed information when I've requested it, it's helped a
lot. I'm still finding the list both interesting and useful, so really
thanks to all the posters[4].


[1] If you subscribed pre-password, or via NFR, it'll mail you one.
[2] Legitimate being subjective.
[3] You can read the archives at:
[4] Last thing gets a footnote so it doesn't feel left out.
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