RE: [fw-wiz] Statistics for Firewalls

From: Joe Matusiewicz (
Date: 09/11/02

To: John Adams <>, Joe Matusiewicz <>
From: Joe Matusiewicz <>
Date: Wed Sep 11 15:41:16 2002

At 02:54 PM 9/11/02, John Adams wrote:

>I had similiar problems with ntop. What I usually do is to filter out of
>the traffic I deem useless with a tcpdump expression.
>For example, do you really need to know every DNS connection? Hell no,
>filter that. Filter NNTP. Filter all SMTP that isn't bound for your main
>mail server. Filter out NetBIOS.

Actually, that wasn't an option. At the time I was most interested in
bandwidth usage to decide on whether to get a bigger pipe. I needed to see
the whole picture.

-- Joe

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