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Date: 09/10/02

From: "Noonan, Wesley" <>
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Date: Tue Sep 10 14:05:16 2002

Since MRTG got tossed out, I figured I would add that there are numerous
commercial ware products that can do this. I know that BMC Software[1] makes
a Checkpoint and a PIX KM that measure this stuff. I don't know about the
Checkpoint KM, but the PIX KM does not require SNMP to be enabled on the
firewall. More details are at,2834,19052_19453,00.html. I trust that others
on the list can mention some of the other wares that exist.

[1] I work for BMC Software, however I do not work on either of these

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> Danny,
> You may try (there's a section with the scripts)
> and.. try mrtg/rrd ->
> in both instances you'd need SNMP configured on the firewalls and PERL
> and couple of modules installed on the box where the stats will be stored.
> cheers,
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> Sutantyo, Danny wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Has anybody done statistics from Cisco PIX firewall or CheckPoint FW-1
> >firewall?
> >
> >My boss wants to have a report every week something like a graph that
> >contains protocol, bandwidth, load, etc...
> >
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